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i've missed you, my friends!

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i like talking with you and, there's nothing that's stopped me from coming here, except my own weirdness and a drastically-changed schedule! y'all really helped me keep my sanity in the first part of this year; without y'all to talk to, i might have had a even rougher time at a job that just wasn't really doing it for me.

life is stressful and a mess and i've devoted a lot of my time to trying to do the work i'm getting paid temporarily to do; i've also spent a lot more time with nearby friends, since i've had the energy and flexibility to accept more invitations. i almost went to france, but then i didn't... and a bunch of other stuff happened that has been kinda wild, but all is more or less well now.

but i wanted to tell you that i have missed all of you and i'm sorry i've neglected you!

i'm gonna catch up on everybody's posts, but: how has the last month been for you?

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a lot has happened to me, and i've been back in new york city for about three weeks. i'm going to oakland, california on saturday. i will be going to los angeles on the 13th of this month, and new york city won't see my sorry ass until november!! (i come back for one week in july for my two best buddies birthdays! they were born on the same day and i hold them very dear to my heart!!!) 

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Welcome back, @splendorr!

I have spent the past month pottering along. The highlight was probably spending a week with Skip in LA. The lowlight is probably many small things, like my manager saying something shitty that made my colleague and I feel shitty, or three days into my friend Lena's visit when I realized I am not built for hosting talkative people for more than two days at a time (very tired, kind of frazzled), or mistakenly thinking that going to Fisherman's Wharf (for tourism purposes) might not be a bad idea and being reminded that it is hell on earth...

So yes, certainly pottering along. 

I finished reading The Picture of Dorian Gray, and I am glad I did! It's got some neat ideas. 

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