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screen wallpaper

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what's your screen wallpaper of choice? i have a few








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dang i love that blubby whale

unfortunately for me having a wallpaper that's even sort of "busy" makes me go totally bonkers (i also can't stand having more than like two icons on my desktop!!)

i'm currently using this one i threw together with the flurry enemy from mario 2 and the background color from some other mario 2 screenshot


i love that little guy. all he does is accidentally slide off of cliffs and die Flurry.gif.d3364affbf57f504097a0a48b89c4e98.gif

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i made a b&w / lower opacity version of the moonside map if you wanna use it for your lock screen . . . cuz then you can still see your notifications easily:


note: it is brighter when you save the file. it just looks dim because the board is scaling it down to fit the post.

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i have a problem (?) where i have to maintain a consistent theme across my digital presences. for the last 3-4 years that theme has been Audrey Hepburn.

desktop (ultrawide 1440p :snowman:)




phone locked


phone unlocked


work computer


i even have a custom wallpaper on my xbox


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What my phone looks like 



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as many of you fine attendees of this house know: i got a new computer. it's a MacBook Pro with TouchBar

it's incredibly fun to play around with and the resolution is freakin ICY, DUDE!! 

it's great to multitask with the li'l touch bar and expedites making stuff in photoshop or final cut or pages or wtvrrr

well i haven't found a cool enough screensaver yet for this thing :-( and i want to keep it simple, so for now it's just this: desktop.jpeg.f500dd427cefe48d7fa652d96e129a15.jpeg   


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