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3 minutes ago, rinv said:

i usually drink darjeeling just because it’s the only tea i know the name of that i like.

there’s this great lil looseleaf tea shop near me called One Good Woman that i’m going to return to and get a big variety of teas to try.

i will get some Jasmine, Earl Grey, and Green next time i go. they have pretty much everything. does anybody have any other suggestions to name?

oolong, baby

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(11 hours later)

you know what i always say when a fair amount of time has passed since my last cup of oolong tea?

i say

”man, it’s been too long since i had some oolong”

love y’all 


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17 hours ago, splendorr said:


ya butt there talking about us people here at dobutt secreat house :fatguy:

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one time my dad got really into hibiscus tea and it was a cute enthusiastic period of his life

and then he became gradually disillusioned by it; he felt like he just couldn't find as flavorful a batch anymore

slowly his fresh-steeped love soured into bitter resentment

last i heard,

he doesn't drink tea anymore

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i was in upstate NY for the past two days, and all the cars in the parking lot of the hotel i was staying in were covered in ice. you could barely open the doors and it took forever to break all the ice off! anyway~im in the car drivin’ back to the city now and i got a huge 20 oz thermos of green tea!!! yeaaaaahhhhOKkk

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teas in order of how much i like them: 

  1. hōjicha, a.k.a. roasted green tea! my favorite. i think it could possibly also count as replicant coffee, @alaynoboost

  2. genmaicha, a.k.a. green tea with crispy roasted brown rice and bits of popcorn! my dad has been drinking this for as long as i can remember. i am drinking some cold right now. 

  3. diced ginger and a lemon in hot water!

  4. cold rooibos on a hot day!

  5. only when i'm feeling extremely fancy & have rosebuds: rosebuds in hot water!

dessert teas are bullshit. @Tracey knows. 

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i'm enjoying a nice loose-leaf green. it is 10:15 am in new york city and i have been awake for 4 hours

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