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tasty beverages

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i didn't partake in alcohol drinking until about 3 months ago.

i now have tasted: Merlot, Rosé, Prosecco, Mike's Hard sugar overload, Vodka Cranberry, Vodka Soda, a Screwdriver, a Bloody Mary, a Mojito, a Sex on the Beach, a Long Island, Jim Beam, an Old Fashioned, a local brewing company's "Love Stout" "Brawler" and "IPA" beers, a shot of Fireball, and a shot of Gin.

most of these weren't "tasty" to me (as expected, i think.) i liked the Prosecco and the sugary mixed drinks the most. the IPA was definitely the best of the beers imo.

does anybody have any favorite alcohols? any suggestions on what i should try?

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