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i also liked ada!! i’m so glad y’all have read that; it exists in my memory as a collage of blurry scenes, and it was periodically very trying, but so persistently beautiful and dreamy. i expect i’ll read that one again some day. 

the book of his i didn’t enjoy was “despair,” because it just felt dark and listless without much purpose. 

the biggest surprise for me was Pnin. i went through 3/4s of the book going, “this is fine and fun but what are we DOING” and then suddenly in the last quarter it pulled something out of its sleeve that recontextualized the entire rest of the book, which I immediately re-read in an effusive torrent. books can be so great!!

and yeah. @_S_, i agree. pale fire (and nabokov generally) is hilarious! but i can also see someone reading it and taking very different tones away.

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