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Reasons for being alive

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8 hours ago, tombo said:

i saw a lot of live shows this weekend and there were a few moments where i felt okay (i mean really okay, like i haven't felt in a long time). there is beautiful music to hear, wonderful people to meet, and nice times to be had. 

do you wanna trade brains??

take it, tombo!!!!!!

take my stupid head organ!!!!! :cheeryskeleton:

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lately i've been reading 5 books at once, i finished one so now i'm at 4 books.

i've also been trying to learn some new skills, like practicing guitar and getting better/more comfortable with charcoal drawing

those two things are extremely challenging and difficult at times, and sometimes things even end up in tears lol, but the fact i'm not being lazy and finally doing little stuff like that makes me at least a little happy that i'm around. i'm most definitely not saying "do what you love" (ew) because i don't love guitar or charcoal drawing. but uh, what else is there to do but learn how to do cool stuff :-/

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