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Photos of things you find outdoors and indoors

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@swampfriend @rinv i guess it was a pint-size kiddette who lost it :-(

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1 hour ago, swampfriend said:


i found this fuckin thing outside in arizona. made me mad to be honest

i can't belive the shit their doin to this country of, unfortunately, ours

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29 minutes ago, starsailor said:


fixed :oldman:

it warms my heart from the bottom to the top to be labelled in a picture of friends :flowerbuddy:

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:lala: hello, my friend, hello
just called to let you know
i think about you every night
when i'm here alone
and you're there at home
hello :lala:


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43 minutes ago, tombo said:


wow! i love this packaging!!

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PS: It tastes good, it's extremely effective, and the instructions say it should be poured specifically in a mug and filled with "hot, but not boiling, water" 

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