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i'm playing earthbound for the first time!!

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i've been doing it on @tesseract brain jxn's mini SNES for an hour or so every night since monday. every second there is a new pure and special thing. last night I beat up the whole police department and now i have a mushroom on my head. i haven't stopped cackling or gaping like a moron since i started. most of you been done this stuff decades ago but i'm jazzed as hell and need to tell somebody.

anyway that's my bad announcement. feel free to delete this thread and throw me out of the airlock.


edit: un-broke the photo




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@mattli0n that's so great!!! good for you and i'm glad you're enjoying it. it is a very special and beautiful artifact that resonates beyond time or space

do y'all remember the first time you played the game? i had read about it in NINTENDO POWER, and got my mom to take me to the Media Play near our house, which was like a big multimedia record/books/toys place. i was so excited about the big ol' box and that it came with a guide. my best friend matthew (no relation) got it around the same time; we were both 8, i guess??? man that's a heavy game for some little kids, huh, but it had a big impact on me. matthew and i used to talk on the phone like two afternoons a week even when i moved to a different school after the 2nd grade. we both played it like 10 times each over the course of the next ten years, until we stopped talking because i became super depressed and he became a libertarian!

man i still like that game, though! you're exactly right, matt: it is full to bursting with pure and special moments. it continues to unfurl a red-blooming carpet of surprise and delight until its final goodbyes

thank you, earthbound

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I recently started playing Earthbound for the first time, too! Ryan let me use his teeny tiny baby Nintendo. I should go back and play some more. My character's special power is smooching! "Humph" is short for "Humphrey," which is the name of my family's dog. Isabel is also a family dog, but she came before Humphrey, so she gets to be the OG video game dog. 





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On 1/26/2018 at 1:59 PM, mattli0n said:

i've been doing it

snicker snort

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hey everybody! it was the anniversary of earthbound yesterday, so i started playing it again. 23 years, fucken ELL

i feel like i'm gonna have some more things to say about this, but not quite yet. i'm just putting a little bookmark here. i'd also love to hear an anecdote about a particular time you were playing this game. i think it has an unusual capacity to resonate with other things happening in real life, because it was made with real human kindness and not just a fantasy lore escapist power fantasy!

the thing that gets me as I begin it again is that, i want to talk to everybody, and read every single scrap of text. i've played so many games in the last few years that i just don't give one solid fuck about what anybody says in the whole game! and earthbound achieves this, even in translation, mostly by being a strange collage of things that don't ever try to make perfect sense... but this requires that each individual piece contain some meaning or inflection that makes it worth paying attention. the world emerges in details.

compare that to final fantasy 12, which i've been trying to play and fuck me dictionarily, but i don't care about ANYTHING that is happening about ten hours into this fucking game! they say the names of COUNTRIES more than the names of PEOPLE and i just blur it all out... and the game kinda plays itself, so... i'm like what am i even here for??? i played about halfway into this game ten years ago and remember kinda liking it??? but lord, i don't know if it's worth it.

ANYWAY earthbound is weird to play now, because i've played it so many times, and i'm 23 years older than the first time, and i don't have the guide with me, but i also don't need the guide... so it's like taking a walk through memories, fighting as necessary but just trying to read every single bit of text in the game, live inside the music, and remember my own life alongside it...

earthbound is my mind palace

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update us on the earthbound playthroughs, please

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