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  1. mattli0n


    since this is a movie thread here is a scene from 'the great muppet caper' that i think might be one of the Important Moments in puppeteering, regardless of your take on muppets frank oz had to stay underwater for 10 days with scuba divers keeping him alive to film this scene!! this is art i tell you!!
  2. mattli0n


    to be fair, sesame street was the product of a massive public-private effort to create scientifically beneficial and enjoyable programming for kids. kids love it because the top minds in childhood development made it that way. part of their research showed that muppets were the purest physical manifestations of creative self-expression anyone had ever thought of, which is why they are central to the show so anyway if you hate the muppets you are both anti-joy AND anti-science
  3. mattli0n

    tasty beverages

    salesforce's vice president of philanthropy picked up a can. she took a sip 10 minutes ago and hasn't touched it. i don't think anyone realizes the bold move these caterers have pulled here
  4. mattli0n

    tasty beverages

    this is a live update from a conference about Corporate Social Responsibility i am attending today
  5. mattli0n

    Steven Seagal Movies

    holy shit @bulldog_jones start an achewood thread with me
  6. mattli0n

    songs that make you feel better when you feel bad

    billy preston almost always gets me to a point of at least remembering there's [samwise emoji] some good in this world. when his face and hair take up the whole shot he becomes the very sun shining into my empty soul cavity
  7. mattli0n

    music videos.

    in all seriousness i assumed this was you until i 1.) met you and 2.) learned, from you, about frustrated jacob
  8. mattli0n

    Trixie's Fam Food Rules!

    i am the cha-law
  9. mattli0n

    are memes bad? if so- are there any exceptions?

    *whisper screaming* NOT ANYMORE
  10. mattli0n

    Green Screen Test and the internet before time

    messed many a middle school diapey from laughing so hard at this genius masterpiece. to this day i can't get through the rivendell reunion without having to grab a fresh diapie just in case also one of my first & saddest experiences with anonymous one-hit internet content. i searched for olof and cj for weeks and months but this is all they ever gave us
  11. mattli0n

    are memes bad? if so- are there any exceptions?

    i'm glad you've gotten into art history because now i feel comfortable contributing this thought i have. my involvement with memes being cursory at best, i do appreciate the scale and speed at which the internet can crowdsource originality out of existence (it can also bring it back!!). i wouldn't be so quick to attribute this to the though. at least not at the basic reptile brain of it. 6 year old me didn't play his jungle book VHS into the garbage because of ambition. capitalism and industrialization in my mind are symptoms of, or perhaps coping mechanisms for, people's tendency to smother the hell out of what they love for one reason or another. there often isn't a reason--i suspect it's pathological. (a.k.a. history) early in the thread, @splendorr characterized a meme as an artifact of forced repetition--later as a "variation" on existing content with diminishing humor returns. not just the image, but the practice of excessive iteration or imitation. i agree with that because it gets at the important context--humans have always, always done this. back when the world was a truly dank pit of plague and illiteracy << @starsailor: "oh, you mean MODERN DAY?">>, medieval monks spent entire centuries riffing on the same handful of Catholic plainchants. there was no authorship then, and very little creativity (God wrote all the words and music). just year after year of monophonic liturgies that nobody could understand anyway because they were in Latin. talk about getting genericized! talk about chasms of nothing!! and yet dudes chopped off their own balls for a crack at these garbage tunes. after a while somebody fucked up and sang a perfect 5th, then triads, then harmony and counterpoint--all based on the same source material. again, i suspect religion was not the root cause. after all, any polyphony was considered ILLEGAL by the church at first, and thirds even more so. what i suspect was going on was this: insular communities of depressed idiots compulsively copying each other with the goal of stealing someone else's happiness. whether the happiness took the form of wealth or recognition or a golden ticket to cloud city was incidental--although God's love, being boundless and fake, was a more sustainable vehicle for this process, which is why it has persisted for so long. since time is linear and generations overlap, this is never true. every culture's output is tainted both by its imitators and the stuff it's imitating. the work of geniuses like palestrina and beethoven and johnny hallyday, along with countless forgotten people not named beethoven, is all derivative of something. baroque music, for example, likely rivals memeing in percentage of derived material. that's what fugues and variations are, exclusively. doesn't mean some of them aren't good. and that it was good doesn't mean it was remembered, as orson welles would point out. i think splendor's point was to say that it used to be easier to form your own insular communities of depressed idiots before the internet. i half-agree with his statement, then. the half that disagrees thinks that if you put high speed internet and a webcam into every 90s household, you'd find a bunch of friend groups who aren't as original as they thought. the half that agrees is gonna quote some lines from sir paul mccartney: "Too many people going underground--Too many reaching for a piece of cake!" that's the main thing of it. there are 7 billion reasons why the world and our way of life is fundamentally different from history times, "golden era" fallacy be damned!! people haven't changed their approach to making bad stuff for dumb reasons, i don't think. some joker on the internet likely employs a similar level of creativity and effort altering a meme to that of a monk chanting dies irae in a different mode. both of them are exercising their mirror cells, but there are several million more instances of internet guy with different outcomes pertaining to reward, failure, vindication etc and different platforms for obtaining them. all incidental to their shared pathological need to ape. statistically, internet guy is far more likely than the monk to leave something that, if it doesn't disappear, will fractal off into infinite judgments of "cool or not" determined by future generations of dsh. however, the monk is 100% more likely to go to heaven.
  12. mattli0n

    hot internets 2.0

    guess whose kindle just got a little bit happier
  13. mattli0n

    What is good?

    i can verify @Tracey's reporting from personal experience in the portland house you can always tell dante has turded by the way he bolts from his palace followed immediately by a rancid stench plume and @starsailor entering the living room saying "you know, cats have special glands in their butts that make their turds smell like fresh linens"
  14. mattli0n

    What do you look like?

    i dunno i guess my life is made of them