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  1. Tracey


    I am in New York right now! My brother is here on vacation so I came to see him. I return to Kansas tomorrow (where I have already moved), and start orientation on Monday. This is my last Friday as someone who doesn't have real work or study responsibilities. I am thankful to have had this brief window of not having to do much!
  2. Tracey


    I ended up getting one and the first (and so far only) thing I have made is black beans. I'd normally have to soak the beans overnight and let them simmer on the stovetop for *at least* two hours, but with the Instant Pot I could skip the soaking, and the whole thing took maybe an hour (including the time it took for the pot to reach pressure, and the time it took to de-pressurize). The beans turned out great, too! I was worried the pot might explode so I set it to go and then stayed out of the kitchen. And when the pot was ready to be opened, I may have said, "Oh god," before doing so. This is very exciting!!
  3. Tracey


    I eat a lot of beans with vegetables, and beans with ravioli. I cook the beans in a Crockpot with vegetable stock and spices. I'll make enough beans to last me a week, and then I'll pair it with something more exciting, like the aforementioned store-bought ravioli, or store-bought Chinese dumplings, or roasted Brussels Sprouts. I basically eat the same thing every day. I don't think I'm a bad cook -- I'm just lazy. I've identified the nutrients I need/the most healthful foods I can stomach, and I've figured out a way to consume them almost daily while also enjoying them enough to keep doing it. Ryan and Laura Rokas have said I am good at making curry, but I only ever make curry for them. Let me know what you think of the Instant Pot! I was thinking of getting one when I move.
  4. Tracey

    What do you look like?

    Matt took this picture of us at Laura's art show tonight. Thanks, @mattli0n!
  5. Tracey


    I gave notice at my job today! I have officially resigned!!! In two weeks I will be done with this job. Six days after that I will move to Kansas. And a few weeks after that, I will be a student again! I feel very relieved.
  6. I'm in Iceland's international airport.
  7. Tracey


    My friend Lena flew back to Denmark this afternoon. We had a really good week together! Her visit to the U.S. was divided into three parts -- SF and Oakland, then a road trip with another friend to Yosemite/Tahoe, then back to SF and Oakland. After I had time away from her to recharge, I was a much better host and did not feel depleted all the time. While she was visiting, I had expressed to her an insecurity I have had for many years about not being "fun" or interesting enough, and a worry that the only thing that I potentially bring to the table is being organized and reliable, kind of like Willow in "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" before she developed magic powers. Our conversation prompted me to create an Excel spreadsheet in which I wrote in one column the names of all the friends I have whose company I really enjoy, and a row of qualities I like in those friends (e.g. basic intellect, loyalty, generosity, self-assured, understands they will die, etc.), and then I looked for the common denominator. After I had completed the exercise, I realized that the criteria against which I'd been measuring myself was not at all relevant to me, and I am probably doing better than I thought. It was a therapeutic exercise, and I certainly feel a little less down about myself! Tonight I am getting pizza with a former colleague of mine. It will be Chicago-style, so I am poppin' Lact-Aids in preparation.
  8. Tracey

    critter thread

  9. Tracey


    Today is my first full day in a week to myself! Tomorrow will be another day spent by myself! I am so excited!!
  10. Tracey

    i've missed you, my friends!

    Welcome back, @splendorr! I have spent the past month pottering along. The highlight was probably spending a week with Skip in LA. The lowlight is probably many small things, like my manager saying something shitty that made my colleague and I feel shitty, or three days into my friend Lena's visit when I realized I am not built for hosting talkative people for more than two days at a time (very tired, kind of frazzled), or mistakenly thinking that going to Fisherman's Wharf (for tourism purposes) might not be a bad idea and being reminded that it is hell on earth... So yes, certainly pottering along. I finished reading The Picture of Dorian Gray, and I am glad I did! It's got some neat ideas.
  11. Tracey

    What do you look like?

  12. Tracey


    I love Spock. Happy birthday, @soaplitz!
  13. Tracey


    My friend Lena is coming to visit me today. Lena and I went to college together and were both editors of the student paper. We were not very close, but were always fond of each other. After college I moved to the U.S. and she moved to Denmark. We kept in touch over email and a once-a-year Skype, but we haven't seen each other in person in more than six years. She is coming to stay with me in this here Oakland for about a week. I don't think I have ever had anyone get on a plane and come to where I am with the specific purpose of spending time with me (exception being Skip, but we're in a long-distance relationship, so that doesn't count), so I am both excited and nervous. Excited because: friend! Nervous because: hosting! This will be Lena's first time in America, so I feel tremendous pressure to make sure she has a valuable experience. I was thinking of dropping her off at a McDonald's playground for the weekend.
  14. Tracey

    hot internets 2.0

    BABY FOXES!!! I like how the second fox seems to be telling the first fox, "Steve. STEVE. Stop doing that. It's glass, Steve. Stop it. This is very embarrassing."
  15. Tracey

    Reasons for being alive

    He looks like he is the perfect size for scoopin' up and huggin'.