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  1. flippityk

    i am leaving this place

    please eat some cookout for all of us here on the west coast
  2. flippityk


    <- us
  3. flippityk


    is anyone else taken aback by how EXPENSIVE these all are? for $9.50 i'd fully expect cream cheese that doesn't look like it's been sitting in the sun long enough to develop a suspicious shiny peach pink crust, , ,
  4. flippityk


    teas in order of how much i like them: hōjicha, a.k.a. roasted green tea! my favorite. i think it could possibly also count as replicant coffee, @alaynoboost genmaicha, a.k.a. green tea with crispy roasted brown rice and bits of popcorn! my dad has been drinking this for as long as i can remember. i am drinking some cold right now. diced ginger and a lemon in hot water! cold rooibos on a hot day! only when i'm feeling extremely fancy & have rosebuds: rosebuds in hot water! dessert teas are bullshit. @Tracey knows.
  5. flippityk

    screen wallpaper

    on my desktops i have these paintings by JAN VAN KESSEL THE ELDER: on my phone i usually have glossier wallpapers because they are pretty and unobtrusive. but lately it has been a tweet from this lady. screencaps of tweets really don't work well as phone wallpapers but the tweet motivates me.
  6. flippityk

    Original Content

    i have one too! but h o w
  7. flippityk


    don’t worry. this is the kind of content that brings me to donut secret house dot co
  8. flippityk


    i came back just cause Sennett said there was a post here i’d like and i i’m not disappointed
  9. flippityk


    which fraction
  10. flippityk


    it's flea season here in the bay area. those of you who live with furry creatures: other than holding said creatures and saying "i'm sorry" over and over again, how do you deal? me, i haven't yet found a perfect solution, but i spray my bedding with hydrogen peroxide, and also i give dodo these pills called "comfortis" (tho they are exPENSive and she usually coughs em up)
  11. i got laid off from my stupid desk job earlier this week. yesterday was my last day in the office. after everyone left i pushed 2 chairs together and took a nap. then i went up to the roof. the roof door is unlocked but going up to the roof is still technically Forbidden. i got scared going up the ladder, partially because if i fell i would have crushed a printer, but also i've developed a fear of heights in the past couple years. it has to do i think with intrusive thoughts. thinking about the possibility of letting go feels too close to telling myself to let go. the view from the roof, i realized, is the same as the view from the office window. it's only one floor up. but i felt like i should have some kind of memento, so i took a picture of the roof itself. (outside)
  12. flippityk

    Reasons for being alive

    @splendorr i passed by GDC in a lyft a few minutes ago & thought of you. take care of yourself first and foremost! but also, hope you're able to have a lot of fun in this bleak grody lil armpit of our fine state ~~
  13. flippityk

    the great outdornut secret fight of 2018

    aww, f*ck you too <3 importantly, tho, how were the dumplings
  14. flippityk

    the great outdornut secret fight of 2018

    turns out i can’t make it tonight BUT y’all have a lovely time ya hear my ghost will be there along with layno’s ghost
  15. flippityk

    the great outdornut secret fight of 2018

    oh nice sorry i missed that. lentils will stay home.