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  1. _S_

    I read the news today, oh boy...

    P I read these too recently and I have serious questions. All the stories seem sketchy. I’m not saying she didn’t scam all these people but like idk seems way too easy.
  2. _S_


    If history has taught me anything it’s that earth should absolutely remain our tomb. Nothing good can come from humanity exploring the stars.
  3. _S_

    hot internets 2.0

    Hoooooly shit
  4. _S_

    hot internets 2.0

    This is so sad on every -EVERY- conceivable level
  5. _S_

    hot internets 2.0

  6. _S_

    official forum suggestion box thread

    I’m still missing some images on mobile
  7. _S_


    so........ you were never really here damn. Anyone else see this?
  8. _S_


    I told some people this and moby dick are the funniest books I ever read once and they looked at me like I just spat in their coffee. But suffice to say I find that book hilarious.............. what I didn’t enjoy was laughter in the dark that book was just so cruel. But I have to second ada as being my fav Nabokov book. Also I rly enjoy his unfinished book, the original of Laura.
  9. _S_

    Original Content

    idk i have tons of half songs on my phone. every1 does it i think that tries to write songs. heres one by kurt cobain i like replete with phone call at the end of the recording i was trying to write good advice so it took me a while but i can't really come up with any sorry. and before ryan or whomest ever says this isn't oc i wrote all these words everything i do is oc
  10. _S_

    I read the news today, oh boy...

    What do you mean WILL happen?
  11. _S_

    I read the news today, oh boy...

    Lol. I mean the silver lining is that the robot wars will have killed us all off so don’t worry about being too surveilled.
  12. _S_

    skate or lie

    Thats one for the philosophers I think
  13. _S_

    skate or lie

    Yeah this is the best skate video of all time. I remember watching this in high school and putting it on my tumblr lol. Heres another throwback video