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  1. _S_

    hot internets 2.0

    Hoooooly shit
  2. _S_

    hot internets 2.0

    This is so sad on every -EVERY- conceivable level
  3. _S_

    hot internets 2.0

  4. _S_

    official forum suggestion box thread

    I’m still missing some images on mobile
  5. _S_


    so........ you were never really here damn. Anyone else see this?
  6. _S_


    I told some people this and moby dick are the funniest books I ever read once and they looked at me like I just spat in their coffee. But suffice to say I find that book hilarious.............. what I didn’t enjoy was laughter in the dark that book was just so cruel. But I have to second ada as being my fav Nabokov book. Also I rly enjoy his unfinished book, the original of Laura.
  7. _S_

    Original Content

    idk i have tons of half songs on my phone. every1 does it i think that tries to write songs. heres one by kurt cobain i like replete with phone call at the end of the recording i was trying to write good advice so it took me a while but i can't really come up with any sorry. and before ryan or whomest ever says this isn't oc i wrote all these words everything i do is oc
  8. _S_

    I read the news today, oh boy...

    What do you mean WILL happen?
  9. _S_

    I read the news today, oh boy...

    Lol. I mean the silver lining is that the robot wars will have killed us all off so don’t worry about being too surveilled.
  10. _S_

    skate or lie

    Thats one for the philosophers I think
  11. _S_

    skate or lie

    Yeah this is the best skate video of all time. I remember watching this in high school and putting it on my tumblr lol. Heres another throwback video
  12. _S_

    Original Content

    ok just open it up, and in the layers section there will be one called background (the only layer). double click that and it'll pop up and say "make new layer" or something. click okay. since its pixels you should be able to do just use the wand to select the background, and delete it. after that you can just export it as a transparent png.
  13. _S_

    Original Content

    impossible how? post the png lol
  14. _S_

    Original Content

    Just use layers. What do you want to make I’ll tell you what