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  1. rinv

    ITT we discuss our twin peaks beaux

    i've been re-watching twin peaks with lady friend and good GOLLY i treasure some of these characters so. Shelly Johnson distressingly beautiful, sweet as her pie, and loves to love (even if it always brings her trouble) Bobby Briggs he's intense and troubled. he tries his best to be cool and show-off, but deep down inside he has a soft heart. the scene when Major Briggs tells Bobby about his dream makes me cry alongside Bobby every time. Albert Rosenfield speaks for me
  2. rinv

    stories someone told you

    i don't have many stories my father told me that i can recall, so i'm making a spin-off thread. i used to work with this guy who mostly kept to himself. he was ex-military, extremely gentle, kind, super smart, but he ended up working in an amazon warehouse as a picker. he said he took this job intending it to be temporary until he could find something else, and 5 years later he was still here, and had stopped looking. on his weekends, he said he often went home and shut the door and didn't come out until he had to go to work. he watched a lot of foreign films and just liked to keep to himself in his free time. we worked the teamlift process together, which involved us driving forklifts around and stacking >50lb product on pallets to prepare for shipping. he told me a story i really enjoyed. after he was out of the military he spent some time in florida living with a friend who was a cop. there was this guy his friend needed to subpoena, and if i recall correctly, it was because he hadn't been paying child support. the guy lived in a gated community that he never left, and by whatever the rules were, they couldn't enter the community without approval from a resident. they staked out his house from the outside, and after some time of watching him, realized he regularly ordered delivery from the same pizza shop. so, the cop got a job delivering for the same shop, and within a week was headed into the gated community. he knocked on the guy's door, served him his pizza, and his subpoena papers.
  3. rinv

    i'm playing earthbound for the first time!!

    update us on the earthbound playthroughs, please
  4. rinv


    let's talk about daily meals. i don't know how i've lived my entire life eating every single day. it's really weird to think about! you've gotta put the stuff in your body, or you'll die. i don't usually spend a lot of time thinking about the stuff, but i have a dislike of meat and i'm not a good cook (mostly for lack of trying) so i tend to stick to some old faithfuls: scrambled eggs, veg-bacon, and toast, veggie patty sandwiches, black beans, sour cream, and cheese tortillas, burritos, pb & j, cheese subs, pizza, fruits and nuts (pineapple and almonds are favorites), clif bars (for breakfast), protein shakes. two weeks ago i bought an Instant Pot, and yesterday i finally removed it from the packaging. i'm going grocery shopping soon and am going to try and get some good ingredients to start my venture into making soups. what's in your daily food rotation? do you spend a lot of time on food preparation? do you consider yourself a good cook?
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    tell ryan i say hi
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    happy friday! hope everyone's having a good'un
  8. rinv

    hot internets 2.0

    this just seemed like an interesting collection of fake articles
  9. rinv

    hot internets 2.0

    this is from twitter but lately everytime i sit down at my computer i think about it. "AT MY DADS RESTAURANT"
  10. rinv

    What do you look like?

    is this @soaplitz
  11. rinv

    i’m in tokyo

  12. rinv


    sup TUIFers i worked 10 hours, went for a 40 minute run, and now am waiting to go on a date with a stranger.
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    this scene is a candidate for the kids getting smoked thread. but yeah - it made me feel awful. i have never had the courage to tell someone to be quiet in the theater. i'm glad you did!! i think more people need to.