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  1. rinv


    these dads don't sound half bad. i want to retire somewhat like that happy friday ya'll! i'm working on several big change management documents at work and my eyes are starting to glaze over. i think i'm going to get up and walk around a bit
  2. rinv


    hi fridayers i went to a free informational session on Transcendental Meditation this week. the organization sounds like a moneygrubbing cult, the benefits all sound infinitely too good to be true, but david lynch swears by it soooooooo i'm feeling like i might give it a try anyway. happy weekend
  3. rinv

    the entertainment will be televised

    this convinced me to not go see Rampage this week out of some false obligation to "get my money's worth" out of my moviepass sub i think there are at least 12 movies a year that i legitimately want to see that make it worth keeping, but i guess i needed someone to tell me i don't have to eat garbage to stop lol
  4. rinv


    that sounds absolutely like something i need to read! ty!
  5. rinv


    they're sucking the blood out of us all! today is voting day in pennsylvania. if you are "politically active" (in so much as that you vote about people who's policies you can recall) where you do you do your learning? i find myself with 10s of tabs from wikipedia, every reputable-seeming news site, youtube videos of speeches, campaign sites with YEA and NAYs, etc. i listen to one political-centric podcast (pod save america) but find myself yearning for more variety. i can't help but feel i am missing out on at least a couple reliable sources that could be beneficial. share yours!
  6. rinv

    official forum suggestion box thread

    i suggest new blood and to coerce the old blood back
  7. rinv

    the entertainment will be televised

    i’ve liked all of what i’ve seen of Trailer Park Boys. i just watched all of the seldom-talked-about david lynch and mark frost post-Twin Peaks comedy sitcom “On The Air” it appears to only live in the form of VHS rips on youtube, but it is tremendously chaotic and hilarious. the star of the show, Marla Rubinoff, is one of lynch’s trademark charming, eccentric blondes – she hasn’t been in anything notable else as far as i can tell, but her performance in this is perfect. also miguel ferrer is in it and is great as always!!
  8. rinv

    I read the news today, oh boy...

  9. rinv


    any stand-outs, trailer wise? the one with “snatch every motherf*cker birthday” is the only one of his movies i’ve seen.
  10. rinv


    i love mulholland dr so much but what kerwin said was so excellent i have nothing to add so saw that new superhero movie today. i liked it to frame this liking here's my preferences on these things
  11. rinv


    @splendorr you really weren't kidding about getting off that hell-schedule! lol super excited for you! @Tracey i think you being an LAT reporter is extremely cool. i can tell people "i've talked to a reporter (on the internet)" but "cool" career status should always come after satisfaction, so i'm hoping for a good transition for you to whatever you do next! Mulholland Dr is amazing. there's a lot of questions to be had, for sure. i would love to hear more of your thoughts (after they've had some dwelling time!) i'm sick for the 3rd time this year somehow, so i've spent my friday at work mostly not working and instead just being miserable sitting in front of my computer, drinking copious amounts of water, and playing Dragon Quest III on my phone when i can get away with it.
  12. rinv


    my mugs! they are all somewhat miniature, which i prefer, because i can pour a cup and it cools faster. this was my grandpa's favorite mug. he was a family doctor who had his own practice out of San Leandro, California. my two middle names come from his first and last! he was extremely kind and gentle, and the only of my relatives who i can truly say i am proud to have been related to. when he passed away a couple years ago we visited his desert home in San Diego and relished in our good memories with him there. i found this mug in his cupboard. it's the only thing i took with me, and i'm going to keep it forever. i'm a little sad most of the mister donuts got eaten up by dunkin, so i got this mug because i have a fondness for the brand... and donuts. i got this dragon quest mug with my pearl white new nintendo 3ds xl on play-asia! i was paying for the shipping already, so i figured i should get a little something extra with it. i love the little slime on the handle.
  13. wow! i love this packaging!!
  14. rinv

    What do you look like?

    i got them new glasses
  15. i love these things! you just stand on 'em and balance. it's a great time