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  1. rinv


    my coworkers are away building the network infrastructure for new amazon buildings so i have to hold the fort down at work all on my onesie. i was hoping to be able to do some of the homework from my five (!!) community college courses this fall while on the clock but i'm so busy i have no time! ah well. i'm working on math problems and listening to old danny brown mixtapes while waiting for my lady friend to get off work and come over. happy friday DSH!!!
  2. rinv

    What do you look like?

    i own two hats. they are both from video games...
  3. rinv

    Original Content

    found this on my computer, dated 11/27/2013. the World's First VIDEOBALL Fanart?
  4. rinv

    (R)est (I)n Reese's (P)ieces DSH

    it was brief, but it was great. i’ll be habitually opening the House when i’m bored at work every day for the foreseeable future.
  5. rinv


    happy friday ya'll! i spent all day trying to make a macbook work within our corporate network for some guy. it was unsuccessful. the end
  6. rinv

    we did it

    work is needed again
  7. rinv

    there's one thing in this world i love

    *muffled, lung-rupturing outburst of laughter at work desk that stretches on for minutes* thank you...
  8. rinv


    i bought a vegetarian cookbook and followed a recipe to make mushroom risotto last week. it was delicious. otherwise i've been making a lot of various vegatable stock and canned diced tomato-based soups, tossing whatever veggies and spices i have around in. i'm havin' a ball
  9. rinv


    hope your fridays are great. i worked today, then came home and cleaned my apartment. i’ve been seeing someone for about a month now who i’ve pretty well fallen for and it’s lifted my spirits lately. she’s tremendous. i start my fall classes in about 2.5 weeks and i am not looking forward to it, but i’ll be graduated by spring if i make it through this. here’s hoping. this feels like the last respite before a long 8 months.
  10. rinv

    ITT we discuss our twin peaks beaux

    tombo this is a phenomenal post
  11. rinv


    nice! i've been buying canned black beans and just tossing them in a pan on the stove, but i suppose i can easily switch over to dry ones now!
  12. rinv


    oh also fast and furious 9 was out?
  13. rinv

    tasty beverages

    i didn't partake in alcohol drinking until about 3 months ago. i now have tasted: Merlot, Rosé, Prosecco, Mike's Hard sugar overload, Vodka Cranberry, Vodka Soda, a Screwdriver, a Bloody Mary, a Mojito, a Sex on the Beach, a Long Island, Jim Beam, an Old Fashioned, a local brewing company's "Love Stout" "Brawler" and "IPA" beers, a shot of Fireball, and a shot of Gin. most of these weren't "tasty" to me (as expected, i think.) i liked the Prosecco and the sugary mixed drinks the most. the IPA was definitely the best of the beers imo. does anybody have any favorite alcohols? any suggestions on what i should try?
  14. rinv


    i dreamt i was caught cheating with one of my best friend's wives. when it happened, the sinking feeling knowing how much it will hurt my lady friend when she finds out and that i had completely destroyed the social circle was way too real. definitely the worst feeling dream i've had in recent memory.
  15. rinv


    i made a simple vegetable soup yesterday! veggie broth, carrots, p'taters, onion, celery, and seasonings. i was gonna use a can of diced tomatos too but i was at risk of overfilling the pot if i did, so i left them out this time. it was still pretty delicious, and literally only involved tossing all the stuff in the instant pot and waiting 30~ minutes. letting all the steam out at the end before opening it is pretty intense. it's called a pressure cooker, but it's just .... so pressurized!