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  1. swampfriend

    official forum suggestion box thread

    i'm gonna make a thread about my new apartment in a little bit when i can make it look cool in pictures!! await kerwin's return please
  2. swampfriend

    classic. i haven't played it yet

    it's the most important holiday of the year. the anniversary of lil b the based god's ps2 games collection video happy classics day to all. swag.
  3. swampfriend

    hot internets 2.0

    forecast for the rest of my life, babey
  4. swampfriend


    yeah something like this, except not necessarily just the very first viewing. it's not like the movie is suddenly crystal clear the second time you watch it. it's probably never crystal clear! at a certain point, though, you know all the turns, and while you might experience a WHOA moment a couple viewings in when you make another connection, like for me seeing the biggest WHOA moments can't possibly have the same effect. like, i know this is a basic observation, and you could say the same thing about any movie. i just feel like the aggressive disorientation is somehow more core to mulholland dr than in other movies not that authorial intent is the final word on anything, but i can kind of support my view with two things. first is the insert in the dvd case, which i pored over desperately in the throes of my mulholland madness: i guess i should spoiler this for anyone who hasn't seen it: the other thing i could use to support my view is in the book LYNCH ON LYNCH and it's a cute little jokey sentence that, i think, changed the way i watched movies for the rest of my life the book is made up of questions that are followed by david lynch's longform responses, each one almost like a chapter, sometimes going on for pages and pages. then there is this question and answer, which i am paraphrasing from memory, and which i guess i'll spoiler also:
  5. swampfriend


    the closest approximation of THIS experience is david lynch's LOST HIGHWAY. (just kidding. ilu lost highway) lol
  6. swampfriend


    one time i was halfway in the passenger door of my pal's van, looking ahead at nothing in particular. i forget the specific configuration, whether i had one foot on the road and one in the van, one hand on the door, or what, except that i was, spiritually, in both the interior world and the exterior world in equal measure. my pal decided to perform a one-second prank on me and pretend he was going to drive away like that, so he let off the brake and let the van roll forward a few feet. i have no idea why, but somehow my brain was 100% unprepared to interpret the resulting sensation. it felt like i was moving and not moving at the same time - or maybe the earth and the sky were moving around the stationary van - or maybe my consciousness had moved forward in front of my skull. my senses fed all the information into my brain computer, and out the other side came not the simple reality ("the van is moving but you're only halfway in the van") but instead an indescribable feeling that the parameters of space and the physical world had shifted like shards of a broken mirror. it took me several full seconds to process what had actually happened, at which point i must have looked like i had a vision of the moment of my death, because even my pal noticed and said, with a comforting tone, something like, "dude. i wasn't really gonna drive off." anyway there are only a few movies i've seen that could approximate that moment of utter incomprehension, and they're all directed by david lynch, and among them mulholland drive is my favorite. for that reason i think that, after you've got a "handle" on it (as far as that's possible), watching it again is, DARE I SAY, a little dishonest. of course there are many great scenes and characters and things to put your eyeballs on, but the thing of it is that nebulous two-hour brain rearrangement, and once you know generally the way through the maze of mirrors the best you can do is walk it and try to remember the way you felt the first time. i watched it three or four times in pretty rapid succession the first time i saw it, but now i would never watch it more often than, say, once every two years THERE now that i got this opinion out there first, YOU GUYS are all the kerwintrarians if you disagree. owned. owned. owned.
  7. swampfriend

    i am leaving this place

    it was one of the coolest things i've done with my silly little life!! i got a pile of 5 second videos i took of the road that i want to edit into a ~1 min video to showcase the wide variety of horizons one can see while driving coast to (almost) coast it is an experience i would recommend to anyone
  8. swampfriend

    the entertainment will be televised

    ah whatever. honestly everyone else on here probably thinks we're nose-pickin rubes for laughing at this show. but to them i say, ah f,uck thats the wrong image. how do i edit thsi
  9. swampfriend

    the entertainment will be televised

    ah i don't know if i'm that much of a scholar of it. i just feel like, in the way of other initially improv-dependent shows RENO 911! and CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, the situations get a little forced and overwritten, the new characters are bad, the old characters are stale i vaguely remember that the Ancient Stoner Wisdom dictates that it goes downhill when it starts being filmed in HD. i don't think i ever watched any episode after it returned from hiatus as a netflix original
  10. swampfriend

    tasty beverages

  11. swampfriend

    Photos of things you find outdoors and indoors

    i found this fuckin thing outside in arizona. made me mad to be honest
  12. swampfriend


    wow prank a poor thirsty dog who doesn't know any better. web site for psychopaths
  13. swampfriend

    Photos of things you find outdoors and indoors

    lol yeah it's just a toy for kids and it rules. take your hatin' hat off !!
  14. swampfriend

    the entertainment will be televised

    TPB owns and you're being unnecessarily defensive about liking it lol i certainly don't think there's anything mean spirited about it, and in fact the fact that all these actors can so comfortably inhabit these characters in a show that's (for the good seasons) almost entirely improvised kind of shows that they know and/or were these people at one point and aren't just poking fun of them. it seems like most of the people on that show were never in anything else there's a moment i always think of where ricky is trying to talk to cory and trevor. ricky's daughter trinity keeps hitting cory's arm and distracting him. eventually cory gets mad and starts trying to wrestle trinity. ricky doesn't stand up or move and he says, with irritation and incredulity, "are you gonna fight my daughter who's nine years old??" MAN what a delicious phrasing! who else would say it that exact way except ricky? every episode has a barrel full of these slightly odd sentences and i am quite happy to leap head first into that barrel but yeah it goes on for four hundred seasons and nothing can stay golden that long