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  1. soaplitz

    official forum suggestion box thread

    uh huh we can't let the dream die!!!
  2. soaplitz


    tell him yourself
  3. soaplitz


    i’m in oakland ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
  4. soaplitz

    What do you look like?

    it’s a shadow of myself yeah
  5. soaplitz

    What do you look like?

    you should put a li'l doobie dangling out of your mouth.
  6. soaplitz


    that stupid telephone pole car accident scene, and the shot of . .. . you know . . . the morning after the accident. unnecessary. i especially don't like it when small children are under those circumstances in film. horror or not i think it's wrong. sorrrrrrry! yeah so there was a group of five boys who were probably fifteen years old sitting directly behind me. one (or two) of them kept clucking when the movie was silent. that aside, there was a group of teenagers that were on a double date to my left. now, make some mouth sounds right now. okay! thats what i had to listen to on top of the clucking and giggling from the boys behind me! the teen girl who was on one of the dates kept texting and snap-chatting throughout the movie as well. eventually the clucking got so annoying and i was goddamn tired of it AND hearing people huff and puff and stir in their seats. it would take a lot for me to say something, aloud, in a dark theatre with a movie playing. it would take even more from me to do that while seeing a movie i am nearly positive i already despise. so i sat up and turned around and said: "FUCKING DO IT AGAIN YOU LITTLE SHIT." they were silent after that and the teen couples next to me didn't move a muscle for the remainder of the movie.
  7. soaplitz


    i almost walked out of Hereditary after a really upsetting scene but i got roped into staying by my friend and then i got berated for hating the movie because "i don't know how to judge horror" lol another day in paradise at the movies here in sunny california
  8. soaplitz


    my mom and i were staying at a friend's house in LA and when i got home they were watching it sooo i watched as few minutes and then said: see ya!
  9. soaplitz


    i saw "hereditary". i hated it. i'm never watching another contemporary horror movie ever again. the movie theatre experience was horrible too. i had to turn around and yell at some punk-ass teenage boys.
  10. soaplitz


    today i packed my suitcase full of clothes and toiletries and books and art supplies because tomorrow i am going to california for a whopping goddamn five months. i'll be in oakland tomorrow! until wednesday night. i have an aisle seat on my flight and i hope to take a sweet nap and read my books~ can't wait to see some of y'all fools!
  11. soaplitz

    i've missed you, my friends!

    a lot has happened to me, and i've been back in new york city for about three weeks. i'm going to oakland, california on saturday. i will be going to los angeles on the 13th of this month, and new york city won't see my sorry ass until november!! (i come back for one week in july for my two best buddies birthdays! they were born on the same day and i hold them very dear to my heart!!!)
  12. soaplitz

    i've missed you, my friends!

    we've freakin missed you splendy
  13. soaplitz

    Reasons for being alive

    lately i've been reading 5 books at once, i finished one so now i'm at 4 books. i've also been trying to learn some new skills, like practicing guitar and getting better/more comfortable with charcoal drawing those two things are extremely challenging and difficult at times, and sometimes things even end up in tears lol, but the fact i'm not being lazy and finally doing little stuff like that makes me at least a little happy that i'm around. i'm most definitely not saying "do what you love" (ew) because i don't love guitar or charcoal drawing. but uh, what else is there to do but learn how to do cool stuff :-/
  14. soaplitz

    What do you look like?

    a family friend sent me this in an email today. this is me in 2006.
  15. soaplitz


    i drank a pretty nice amount of coffee out of this mug this morning. my mom gave it to me for my 14th birthday.