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    This is a pretty good website for looking at fake food, but the real humor is in the testimonial section https://www.displayfakefoods.com/store/pc/viewContent.asp?idpage=3 I JUST RECEIVED MY 6 BANANA CUPCAKES AND I AM IN LOVE WITH THEM. SUCH QUALITY!!!! I WANTED THESE FOREVER AND NOW OWN THEM. CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THEM . WILL BE BACK FOR MOR PRODUCTS. THANK YOU TO YOU AND ROSA. SHE HELPED ME ALOT!!!!! MANY THANKS, TERRY JUST RECEIVED THE REPLACEMENT COOKIE,S THAT WAS DEFECTIVE. I AM PROUD OF YOUR SERVICE,HONESTY AND RESPECT FOR MY PATRONAGE. ITS THESE QUALITYS THAT YOU AND YOUR COMPANY WILL CONTINUE TO BE AWARDED MY BUSINESS FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lawrence We just got the Hot Dog trophy and it looks good enough to eat. We hope somebody doesn't make this mistake during our Hot Dog Run next week. Thank you so much! Brian
  2. Hali

    Is this a fucking cat or a dog

    Www.halipalombo.com/street-view updated continuously do not view on mobile unless you want to have a really hard time
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  4. Hali

    Reasons for being alive

    Thanks guys Don't have much to say right now but this means a lot. I think I need to cut myself a fucking break, more than anything
  5. Hali

    Reasons for being alive

    Here it is. It's optigan, shortwave radio, piano, animal noises and a little singing. Record.zip
  6. Hali

    Reasons for being alive

    I'm turning 26 and freaking out a little bit. I made a record and finished a book this year. That's something. I do not know why I'm not giving myself any credit for that.
  7. Hali

    Reasons for being alive

    Thanks you guys
  8. Hali

    Reasons for being alive

    Is it too late for me?
  9. Hali

    Reasons for being alive

    I feel like a failure. I work a dead end job and am barely of a sound enough mind to accomplish everyday tasks. If I lost my stupid desk job, I would be out on the street. What the fuck is the point? Do any of you know? What is your reason for sticking around?
  10. Lots of turtles here. Large and small.
  11. I can’t read this yet but will later. i like graph paper and don’t write on anything else. Talk to you guys soon
  12. Hali

    What do you look like?

    Oh this is good