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  1. alaynoboost


    It's friday. I have about a million projects to finish before NEXT friday but in the meantime I'm just happy that it's a cold spring in Oakland. Tomorrow is my dad's 71st birthday and his first year as a retired human. We weren't close when I was growing up, but now he is my good friend.Happy almost birthday to him.
  2. alaynoboost

    classic. i haven't played it yet

    Lil b just gave a talk at my work (my boss wrote down lil b's phone number from one of his old myspace pages back in the day and asked him to come say some words.) I was not there last Saturday when this happened, but was told that he talked about his life philosophy which is all about positivity. In the middle of the talk he invited everyone up and gave away his film cameras and the photos he took with them. When I asked the person who was working that day what lil b had talked about, she shrugged dramatically and said she didn't know how to explain. She did say, though, that he is really into the idea of rare art.
  3. alaynoboost

    hot internets 2.0

    Yes, that is what I watch in my Free time I honestly don't even remember what it was from, but probably a song.
  4. alaynoboost

    hot internets 2.0

  5. alaynoboost

    Reasons for being alive

    Sure hope so☆
  6. alaynoboost

    Reasons for being alive

    I hope you find what you're looking for there or that going there pulls out of you whatever it is you need. Sorry that it's rough now.
  7. alaynoboost

    I read the news today, oh boy...

  8. alaynoboost

    What do you look like?

    Encouraging a tortoise
  9. alaynoboost


    Ada or Ardor is very good too! I read it while I was in college and associate it with being on Santa Cruz campus in the trees. I wasn't reading it for any class, but because a friend recommended it. I remember it absorbing me and being hilarious in a disarming way. Be prepared for cousins canoodling.
  10. alaynoboost


    congratulations splendor~~
  11. alaynoboost


    I watched this one on Saturday. I had seen it as a teenager but retained virtually no memory of it, probably because of teenage black hole mind. It's goofy and freaky and not a porno (as Starsailor thought when I told him about it.)
  12. alaynoboost

    I read the news today, oh boy...

  13. alaynoboost


    I'm still at work but it has been slow enough for me to draw some faces, eat a cucumber, and risograph print some posters for a restaurant that I like.
  14. alaynoboost


    1~ mint 2~green I like a variety of herbal teas. Right now I've been craving nettles which taste creamy and knock me the heck out at night. Roasted dandelion is good if you want replicant coffee flavor.
  15. alaynoboost

    Photos of things you find outdoors and indoors

    Indoors a printing press' story