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  1. tombo

    (R)est (I)n Reese's (P)ieces DSH

    yesterday, after having that breakfast, i left the plastic bag of fancy oat cookies on the table for my roomates to snack on if they so desired. they are nice, so this morning there were still some left. i had a cup of coffee and one of the cookies. i went to grab another one and noticed it started moving. turns out a lil lizard guy somehow climbed up the hard plastic plastic in the middle of the night, and trapped himself inside the bag of cookies. I let him out into the weird pond-swamp-jungle outside my apartment. he really did not want to get out of that bag. my roomate let me know you can't leave any food out at all here. he also informed me there's a comodo dragon-like giant lizard that has his lair under the house and that's why there's minimal rodents compared to other places in this city, which is nice to know. apparently it only comes out at night to fish in the pond. i hope i'll see him around one of these days.
  2. tombo

    (R)est (I)n Reese's (P)ieces DSH

    i had a hangover so i just walked to my nearest organic fancy grocery store and got myself a large thai iced tea, some cookies and a serving of these extremely fresh pre-peeled tangerines. i need to buy fruit more often. not from that place though, that was expensive and i'm still unemployed -.-
  3. tombo

    (R)est (I)n Reese's (P)ieces DSH

    what's up
  4. tombo

    hot internets 2.0

  5. tombo


    dang i always forget to post on fridays. well, it's 11:59 PM in Alaska at the time of writing this sentence, so fuck it. my time holidaying and travelling around Myanmar and Thailand had come to an end; i had a job and place to stay lined up back in Madrid, Spain, and a flight back. going back to Europe was the rational and easy choice. so i didn't. i'll be living in Bangkok for the forseeable future. a new friend i made hooked me up with a nice place to live and now all i have to do is franctically look for a job before my money runs out. feels good and exciting so far. Bangkok is chaotic and cool
  6. tombo

    garbage i saw

    update: i have been traveling around Myanmar and Thailand for about six weeks, and sure, there's garbage all over the place, but it doesn't appear in the specific arrangements that it does in Barcelona. i have taken a lot of pictures of many different things -in Myanmar, for example, there are plenty of colorful plastic chairs of various shapes and sizes- but no garbage has caught my eye. hmmm
  7. i love posting in this abandoned forum here's an establishment i saw the other day:
  8. tombo

    ITT we discuss our twin peaks beaux

    i must say, watching the show again has only confirmed what i already knew to be true in my heart; it's gotta be Audrey Twin Peaks starts with a wren, a sawmill and a waterfall. Pete Martell, gone fishing, finds the body of Laura Plamer and calls the police. they come and take some pictures. Laura’s mom, realising she’s gone and trying to locate her, calls the school and her friends’ parents. the waterfall again. then, suddenly, smooth jazz kicks in just as Audrey Horne comes out of The Great Northern Hotel with a preppy spring in her step, and there's a shot of the gesture she makes with her feet, in her perfect shiny shoes, before getting into the car. it’s the first hint this isn’t your average crime drama. when they announce Laura’s death to the class, Donna cries. James is angry. Audrey has the softest smile on her face. she’s not surprised, she’s not happy; she’s interested. she didn’t like Laura very much, but maybe she understood her better than anybody else; her secrets, her self-destructive tendencies, her boredom, her ambition, her perverse, bottomless curiosity. Audrey is a self-made detective; in some ways she’s more of a detective than Agent Cooper. while Cooper just pays attention and follows his dream logic and intuition, sort of stumbling into big revelations, Audrey puts in the work, going out of her way to get privileged information, connecting the dots and provoking situations that make the case unfold. she monitors her father’s shady dealings through a hole in the wall. she’s the one to tell Cooper about One Eyed Jacks, her father’s involvement in it, and the potential connection with Laura (this alone is half the case). she infiltrates the prostitution ring extremely bravely even though she’s completely on her own and out of her depth. without these links, the investigation would’ve had nowhere to go. from beginning to end, she sees people for what they really are. she sees the goodness in Agent Cooper, which is what really inspires her to get involved in the case… and with him. she sees how much Donna loved Laura, and encourages her to dig deeper into the circumstances of her death. she sees how manipulative and debased her father is, and uses her unique position to bring him down at every opportunity. not only is she righteous, fiercely independent, bright, generous, and a great detective, she’s also playful and beautiful. she has no quandaries about manipulating and taking advantage of those who are in a position of power. she weaponises her sexuality to get what she wants. she wants so much; she wants everything. she's also kind of fucked up! her obsession with Cooper would be creepy if it wasn't coming from pretty woman, or if the genders were reversed. it's clear her father has been an extremely toxic influence. she's kinda socially isolated and suspicious of people. she likes weird lounge jazz music and doesn't mind dancing alone in public. she's a rounded, complex, lovable individual. according to a Wikipedia article i just read, her affair with Cooper was supposed to go much further, but Kyle MacLahlan (Cooper) was dating Lara Flynn Boyle (Donna) at the time, and she vetoed the culmination of that story. instead, new characters get introduced that very quickly become love interests for both, but their arcs hit the same notes that the Cooper-Audrey story would have. given the theme of parallel worlds present in the show, it’s easy to imagine the parallel world in which Audrey and Cooper get the story they deserve. perhaps as a result of that less than ideal development, Audrey’s appearance in season three is a bucket of ice cold reality, a reminder of just how misguided the expectations about the future people have in their youth can be; of how an initial unbridled craving for “a life of mystery and intrigue”, through years of disappointment, can easily be reduced to spending an evening convincing someone you never loved to let you out of the house. Ed and Norma’s end, the polar opposite of Audrey’s, is the beaming light at the end of the tunnel. “there’s a part of me that thinks that… this is how it is, when you get at the end of your life and you don’t have anything to show for it” says Norma, of their situation, in season one. it takes them, in total, forty five years to do what’s right for them, but they find a way. one day, suddenly, the sky is bright, the clouds drift away, the wind ruffles the feathers in the trees, Ottis Redding sings his heart out, and you can feel the weight of time, the weight of everything that isn’t love, just evaporating into nothing. everyone else will have to keep wondering, keep fighting, but Ed and Norma have it. even if it’s just for a moment, they have it; it’s there, and it’s real, and it’s theirs. after all, there is hope; for Audrey and for all of us. i love this show! ps: season 3 is extremely re-watchable at 2x speed pps: my choice of man would have to be Bobby but the reasons for that are harder to explain
  9. tombo

    Original Content

    not really OC, but i made a lil music mix in collaboration with my friend Fran. it's one hour of adventurous, warm music from all over the earth, taking it's axis in Mort Garson's 1976 classic, Plantasia: Music For Plants And The People Who Love Them it's a good time if i do say so myself here's the cover i made for it you can listen to it here
  10. tombo

    hot internets 2.0

    explore.org is a website that shows livestreams of live streams; animal habitats and beautiful locations. right now, they have BROWN BEARS: LIVE FROM BROOKS FALLS, ALASKA. this alone is remarkable, but there's also an 80.000 comment thread that is extremely active, engaged and wholesome. people have nicknames for the bears; they know them from watching the stream over months, they have opinions about them. it's really fucking lovely stuff. join the fun now!
  11. tombo

    official forum suggestion box thread

    cmon guys pls pump some life into this forum, it is/was/can be good! @Tracey @CoffinJerk @Hali @swampfriend @starsailor @mattli0n @splendorr @flippityk
  12. tombo

    ⭐️ dream bikes ⭐️

    saw this today, it was definitely *someone's* dream bike!