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  1. tombo

    official forum suggestion box thread

    cmon guys pls pump some life into this forum, it is/was/can be good! @Tracey @CoffinJerk @Hali @swampfriend @starsailor @mattli0n @splendorr @flippityk
  2. tombo

    ⭐️ dream bikes ⭐️

    saw this today, it was definitely *someone's* dream bike!
  3. tombo

    ITT we discuss our twin peaks beaux

    i'm in Myanmar and i forgot my hard drive that has all the movies in it. for some reason phone data is great here (but expensive) and wifi is fine but not good enough to download movies, so i was very sad for a moment, but somebody told me about this place where you can buy digital films. it has the feel of a library. there's a big table with lots of little laptops on it. you open one of the laptops and it's just a windows folder filled with jpegs of of the covers of thousands of films and shows that you can sort by name, year, or (imdb?) rating. the jpegs also contain the file size and length of the films. next to te laptop is a piece of paper. you write down a list of the ones you want and, for the equivalent of a few cents each, they copy them into your hard drive -or a new one if you don't have one. they are all in English with subtitles, because that's how they watch films here. they are literally torrents with the "team" that ripped them and whatnot, but hey, it's not that easy to torrent stuff here, so i was glad for the service. the place was very pleasant to hang out in. they also rented out manga and sold all kinds of Legos for some reason. in a room at the back, a few guys with giant computers were busy downloading the latest releases. anyway so i picked a bunch of films i want to see and specifically one show i want to see again; Twin Peaks, to accompany me on this journey. i will post my response to this thread soon ;)
  4. tombo

    hot internets 2.0

  5. tombo

    ⭐️ dream bikes ⭐️

    Honda Goldwing 2018 Tour Honda Goldwing 2018
  6. tombo

    What do you look like?

    this was attempt 01
  7. tombo

    What do you look like?

    went to make a passport and got the clearest picture of myself i've had done in years. thought i looked a bit like a criminal so i added some blue and a big donut with Adobe's extremely mediocre Photoshop app.
  8. tombo


    went to see The Man Who Killed Don Quixote twice this week i haven't had such a good time in a movie theater for a while. it's a long film, but it's still surprising how much *stuff*, how many events per minute the guy (Terry Gilliam) has crammed in there. both main actors are insanely good, specially Jonathan Pryce, who revels with gusto in his Don Quijote like a kid with a new toy. i didn't like Adam Driver before, which is appropriate since this is -rather unusually- the story of the humbling down of an asshole; and man does he have one in him. Terry Gilliam is aware of his own hubris and hypocrisy in making this film, but he holds on tightly to the radical innocence celebrated by the book and shows not just fetishism, but real love and appreciation for the character and beauty of Spain. perhaps it's the 25 years that have passed since he started trying to make it that have kind of accidentally produced an unusually rich, unusually carefree film. i was not aware of the most recent production troubles (it almost didn't get released and it's release in the US is uncertain). i also didn't know the critics have ripped it to shreds. welp, whatever, i enjoyed it very much!
  9. tombo

    garbage i saw

    dang, i do live in trashtown huh
  10. tombo


    i've never had problems with people being rude or loud at the cinema. once I went to see The Day After Tomorrow in a big 3D cinema with my uncle and cousin. halfway through the film, my uncle got up, said "this is stupid", and walked out. my cousin promptly followed without uttering a word. i sat there for a minute, not knowing what to do, and eventually left as well.
  11. tombo

    garbage i saw

  12. tombo

    hot internets 2.0

  13. tombo

    hot internets 2.0

  14. tombo

    garbage i saw