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    i'm work as an English teacher. i told a friend about how many plastic cups i wasted at work. she gave me this as a present with the condition that i took it to work and sent her visual proof of the fact. it's boobies. it's boobies on a mug. i have continued to use it. it's a good size! it's too subtle for people to mention it and not subtle enough that they don't notice. i like it!
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    hey, sorry for not responding, i was respecting The Rules Of The Thread (TROTT). i'm, uh, just doing whatever. tourist visa down there only lasts a month. you dont have to give much info but there is designated zones where tourists can go and places they cant. walk around and see what happens is definitely my approach in any trip. i guess i'll head to Thailand when my Visa runs out. maybe i can get a job around there (I am, ostensibly, an Englsih teacher). if i don't find anything or I feel like going back to Europe I will do so in September, but I'll probably relocate to a new city, probably Prague. It all depends on a lot of stuff but that is basically the plan.
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    Original Content

    yeah, i was thinking about that. i don't care about *people* but it does seem like it will be more and more annoying to organise and add stuff with the system chrrently in place, whereas with tags i wouldnt have to think about it nearly as much. its also kind of weird that you have to check what exact type of thing has been updated instead of just having the newest thing at the top i guess. so yeah i might do that
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    garbage i saw

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    Original Content

    i wasn't gonna share this until i had a bit more stuff on there but ah, whatever. definitely inspired by starsailor.co, i've made myself a lil website. i'm lazy so i used squarespace :P it still took a long time to make something relatively simple! anyway here it is: tomdv.net
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    hot internets 2.0

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    i don't disagree on that!
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    we are exposed to a lot more information, that's for sure, but most of the implications of that (whether it makes us dependent or independent, smarter or dumber, more or less cultured, dead or alive, more or less controlled by psychopaths) aren't clearly defined, mostly because it's a very, very recent development. how this information is presented, transmitted and received; what we make of it, is also defined by old patterns and ideas, which are clashing with the realities these technologies make evident. we are adapting in a slow and improvised way, reacting more than acting. my intuition is that a lot of the structures and ideas we are used to don't work to define our world anymore. we need new structures, and new ideas, which will inevitably come with time. this is how one particular kind of world dies, for sure, but the only reason that world seems to be comfortable, understandable and nice enough is precisely because it's dead. thousands more people are reading Plato right now than heard him speak in his time; the times of great artists were not the times of great artists for the vast majority of people living at the time. in a way, the time of great artists has just started; because we have the internet, the criterion collection, the gutenberg project, wikipedia. of course it's not on the news, it's not a multinational corporation and it's not trending on twitter, but i think we're in the brith of a new literacy. it's a stupid time and we have been revealed as the stupid babies we are. i for one am looking forward to growing up.
  9. tombo


    i dont think the fundamental confusion has ever been any different. our existential truth is the same. nobody has ever been right. our dreams of the past are just that. also, i completely disagree with brando there; culture has never been about great artists, it has always been about trash. i think we're at a turning point that is hard to process, but to think we're fundamentally better, worse or different than our fathers is laughable hubris, and buying into the same *innovative* mumbo jumbo you're trying to criticize. i think if there is to be a substantive change in our perception of the world it will come through overcoming what we are being made aware of and processing it, not just pointing it out and pining for a time that never existed (and no, it wasnt close either).
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    How It's Made

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    the entertainment will be televised

    hm, i just tried it and it didn't work (it somehow knows i'm not in the US). still, seems like this browser has some cool features, i like it!
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    i read the news as homework, to have some sort of pulse on what's up in the world and as a kindness to my fellow people (i am alienated enough). if i think about it too much or get too involved it is completely soul crushing, so i look at it with some distance, and not daily. i think news are absolute garbage content-wise; books and documentaries is where i do most of my learning and forming of political opinions. i don't tend to share those or discuss politics at all if i can avoid it; it just hasn't been a fruitful experience for me, ever. specially current events! it's a bit related to what ryan just said in the movies thread about new films/books vs classics; there's something so vapid about topics or media that is hot and trending right now; they are hot and trending because the system that produces them needs something to be hot and trending every minute of every day, not because they are particularly worthy of discussion or consideration; in fact completely independently of if they are. only with time can you have an even vaguely accurate or nuanced perception of the reasons and implications of a certain event. similarly, with time great art gets a sort of recognition that, in it's time, was completely indistinguishable from all the noise. i have to say, though, there's a level of dynamism in European politics; of different parties popping up, complicated coalition governments, power games between different European states... that keeps it sort of interesting. varied, at least. the US is just sad. if i lived in the US i would probably remove myself completely from it as well, just hearing about what goes on there is exhausting and exasperating on a human level.
  13. tombo

    the entertainment will be televised

    hmm i wish something like filmstruck was available in europe :/ i torrent stuff but netflix is so terribly easy i end up watching a lot of average to garbage stuff. any of you use VPNs? every time i have looked into it i've been overwhelmed by the amount of options and sketchy-looking sites.