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  1. splendorr

    tasty beverages

    @starsailor @CoffinJerk @swampfriend it’s fucking purple baby!!!!!!!!!!
  2. splendorr

    I read the news today, oh boy...

  3. splendorr

    i've missed you, my friends!

    i like talking with you and, there's nothing that's stopped me from coming here, except my own weirdness and a drastically-changed schedule! y'all really helped me keep my sanity in the first part of this year; without y'all to talk to, i might have had a even rougher time at a job that just wasn't really doing it for me. life is stressful and a mess and i've devoted a lot of my time to trying to do the work i'm getting paid temporarily to do; i've also spent a lot more time with nearby friends, since i've had the energy and flexibility to accept more invitations. i almost went to france, but then i didn't... and a bunch of other stuff happened that has been kinda wild, but all is more or less well now. but i wanted to tell you that i have missed all of you and i'm sorry i've neglected you! i'm gonna catch up on everybody's posts, but: how has the last month been for you?
  4. splendorr

    i'm playing earthbound for the first time!!

    hey everybody! it was the anniversary of earthbound yesterday, so i started playing it again. 23 years, fucken ELL i feel like i'm gonna have some more things to say about this, but not quite yet. i'm just putting a little bookmark here. i'd also love to hear an anecdote about a particular time you were playing this game. i think it has an unusual capacity to resonate with other things happening in real life, because it was made with real human kindness and not just a fantasy lore escapist power fantasy! the thing that gets me as I begin it again is that, i want to talk to everybody, and read every single scrap of text. i've played so many games in the last few years that i just don't give one solid fuck about what anybody says in the whole game! and earthbound achieves this, even in translation, mostly by being a strange collage of things that don't ever try to make perfect sense... but this requires that each individual piece contain some meaning or inflection that makes it worth paying attention. the world emerges in details. compare that to final fantasy 12, which i've been trying to play and fuck me dictionarily, but i don't care about ANYTHING that is happening about ten hours into this fucking game! they say the names of COUNTRIES more than the names of PEOPLE and i just blur it all out... and the game kinda plays itself, so... i'm like what am i even here for??? i played about halfway into this game ten years ago and remember kinda liking it??? but lord, i don't know if it's worth it. ANYWAY earthbound is weird to play now, because i've played it so many times, and i'm 23 years older than the first time, and i don't have the guide with me, but i also don't need the guide... so it's like taking a walk through memories, fighting as necessary but just trying to read every single bit of text in the game, live inside the music, and remember my own life alongside it... earthbound is my mind palace
  5. splendorr

    official forum suggestion box thread

    you're not wrong about work, @rinv! but also, i immediately got real weird trying to re-acclimate to working freelance and have been in A TUNNEL i miss y'all a lot and it doesn't feel like a whole month passed! WHAT THE HECK what year is this
  6. splendorr

    Original Content

    i've had a very different schedule and routine the last couple weeks as i've tried to adapt to working from home again. sorry i haven't been around here as much, but i will be! one thing i did was start a little mailing list where i could just collect longer thoughts and little jokes instead of tweeting as much. i'm focusing on keeping it pretty positive and constructive to the extent possible. if y'all want to get my periodical blog / project notes / whatever else, you can subscribe! https://tinyletter.com/splendorr
  7. splendorr

    hot internets 2.0

    this web site loaded really good
  8. splendorr


    all over the place! slowly dealing with some paperwork related to getting my "small business" shit together, and ramping up on a couple of projects. but i slept a lot, and started having dreams again (i think maybe i hadn't had a full REM cycle in a few months) so that's good! i spent a lot more time alone and in a kind of restful contemplation. like most weeks, there's 20–40% of it that i simply endured and may never be able to speak about in any coherent way. soooo kind of a mess but also a relief and hopefully it's gonna work out? today i feel kind of doomed before the magnitude of life's unferning complexity but i reckon i'll keep going anyway. was work better for you this week, @Tracey? what's on the books for the weekend? hey everybody: what's good this weekend?
  9. splendorr

    hot internets 2.0

    FUUUUUUUU is this the season finale of hot internets 2.0
  10. splendorr

    hot internets 2.0

    i couldn't bring myself to watch ANY of these, i don't have any idea but it is a real screenshot of a real channel's popular uploads: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCH7_MWF2HYn95UL9WQlFCg BE CAREFUL IN THERE i may have been doing research for a story idea featuring youtube makeup drama, but it may also have just been a terrible accident it........... really is
  11. splendorr

    hot internets 2.0

    this is actually too much for me
  12. splendorr


    @Tracey @rinv HECK YEAHHH THANKS Y'ALL THANK fUck IT'S FRIDAYYYYYYYYY I'm wrapping up my last day at the office! I was, in fact, NOT KIDDING AT ALL and I'm Excited While Nervous to start a month-long freelance job on MondayYYYYYYYYY WOW tonight some of my friends are throwing me a karaoke party in my dang living room, so we're gonna sing and drink some alcohol and that'll rule! and then, i'm gonna sleeeeeep soo oo muuuuuuuchhhhh, and maybe even go to a spa over the weekend to get massaged, scrubbed, and soaked! maxin' and relaxin' is the name of this weekend's game! T U I FFFFFFFF @Tracey i'm very familiar with the frustration cry and i'm so sorry that's been frustrating!! mulholland drive is great and some things there aren't really answers to, but i like it anyway! let us know what you're thinking about it. @rinv sorry that you're sick, buddy! you can share my goal of deep rest for this weekend, drink some dang echinacea tea and get some umcka cold medicine maybe, and get better!!! HA PEE FRY DAY EV RY BOH DEEE
  13. splendorr

    What do you look like?

    @rinv the glasses rule! lookin good
  14. splendorr

    i am leaving this place

    i'm so glad to hear that! please prepare the tape
  15. splendorr

    I read the news today, oh boy...

    this is lovely and i'm glad somebody's having a good time