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  1. starsailor

    (R)est (I)n Reese's (P)ieces DSH

    ok also i am signing the blood pact RIGHT NOW to keep posting even if it's just me you and li'l tombo. we go down in the flaming ghost house together my brothers
  2. starsailor

    (R)est (I)n Reese's (P)ieces DSH

    everyone else is a traitor. we're sweet boys
  3. starsailor

    (R)est (I)n Reese's (P)ieces DSH

    man how the fuck do we save this place lol i used to get so much joy out of it!!!!
  4. starsailor

    (R)est (I)n Reese's (P)ieces DSH

    stop buying expensive fruit, tombo and please move back to europe when i move to germany also please respond to my email where i told you to stop making your website look better than mine (this post is full of demands!)
  5. starsailor


    gonna have to update your title to "bangkok dangerous"
  6. starsailor

    (R)est (I)n Reese's (P)ieces DSH

    not much i think i'm going to make a cup of coffee how you doing tommy boy
  7. starsailor

    (R)est (I)n Reese's (P)ieces DSH

    hey guys
  8. starsailor

    I read the news today, oh boy...

    i'll tell you what happens . . . you piss everyone off. . . . kaboom baby
  9. starsailor

    I read the news today, oh boy...

    you can't be too careful
  10. starsailor

    i've missed you, my friends!

    don't ever leave us again
  11. starsailor

    Reasons for being alive

    do you wanna trade brains?? take it, tombo!!!!!! take my stupid head organ!!!!!
  12. starsailor

    Original Content

  13. starsailor


  14. starsailor


    i want to return to them
  15. starsailor


    i'm going to drink a gallon of rat poison and watch the stars