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  1. starsailor

    I read the news today, oh boy...

    what kind of asshole could possibly give two shits about something like this
  2. starsailor

    hot internets 2.0

    (will smith voice) DAMN! i gotta GET me one of THESE!
  3. starsailor

    Original Content

    tombo! it looks good dude. let me know if you ever need help with anything. also, a suggestion: i understand the impulse to want to separate things into categories like that. but i would whittle them down, or maybe create a single CONTENT STREAM and just use tags to organize. in my experience the less clicking around people have to do the better. people don't wanna click around. but also: fuck em, dude. if you like the little pools of images and text, then keep it that way. that's just me two cents!!!
  4. starsailor

    I read the news today, oh boy...

    wait, WHO?
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    definitely relevant!
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  8. starsailor

    the entertainment will be televised

    just watch it dude. it's real chill. it's just you and your friend david attenborough hangin out and watching animals and shit. it is not anymore complicated than that. it's a screensaver that teaches you stuff
  9. starsailor


    OR: since we seem to love prefab buildings and strip malls and all that bullshit, why not move those who don't want to die to mars, where there is no nature to get in the way of building a consumerist utopia???? biodomes filled with places to shop???? and abandon earth for good so that it has a chance lol
  10. starsailor


    what if we all just went to sleep and let the animals take over again that would be nice
  11. starsailor


    i might have to take my leave from this thread, because i really, truly, honestly wish the world would end, and thus i probably have nothing to offer (as if that wasn't already obvious!). i think the total destruction of planet earth is the only way any of us are ever going to find peace lol
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    ok wait maybe i was a little bit right, right?? you can't argue that a 24-hour news cycle and the internet haven't greatly increased the amount of FILTH we consume by orders of magnitude there's no way for me to prove it, but i'll bet someone living in 1885 had the luxury of a quieter mind than we are afforded
  13. starsailor


    yes i agree with you how wrong i am ". . . not just pointing it out and pining for a time that never existed (and no, it wasnt close either)." my brother, i pine for a time in which we never existed
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    a few weeks ago, in a cloud of (whispering) spooky smoke from the ghost lettuce we were puffing on, (resuming normal-volume voice) mccune and i were watching this C-SPAN thing from 1998 about JOURNALISM. there were a bunch of editors in chief from various massive news publications talking about, essentially, the death of journalism. it has already happened, more or less, and it happened a long time ago. we're just now getting the memo is all. what we have now is a THRICE-PHOTOCOPIED plastic knockoff facsimile shadow-outline paper corpse of what the thing used to be . . . just like culture! speaking of culture: i recall a marlon brando interview from the late 80s where he talks about this. i think this is maybe relevant: there is no period in civilization where anything was cohesive and absolutely beautiful. it has always been a mess. but there were little glimmers of that dream! they still exist today, but you gotta look hard i think. i mean you could use math or whatever to prove that there is total deluge of information that did not exist in this magnitude even two decades ago. we are overwhelmed with noise, most of it useless and confusing, maybe on purpose. it's hilarious that metal gear solid 2 of all things predicted this a long-ass time ago. this is worth watching! here: DOUBT EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! we live in a toxic world controlled by psychopaths. everything is selling you a warped idea of the world . . . even soda bottles and seemingly harmless TV shows! it's gettin in yer blood dude. objective truth is a mirage!!!!!!!!! well . . . bye!!!